Royalroad Mathematics Foundation

Our mission is to foster mathematical literacy, to eradicate math phobia, and to increase the accessibility and appreciation of higher mathematics.


Mathematician Paul Lockhart famously asked us to imagine a world where everyone had been taught how to draw notes on a music staff, but only a handful of people had ever experienced the joy of actually hearing music. As Lockhart pointed out, our world is a lot like that when it comes to mathematics.

Is there anything we can do about it? The story is sometimes told that, after studying the Elements, King Ptolemy asked Euclid whether there were an easier way of learning mathematics, to which the great geometer replied, "There is no Royal Road to geometry."

Royalroad Mathematics Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building such roads. They may not have existed in Euclid's time, but in the Information Age we believe it is possible to make mathematics more accessible than ever before. A great many people are already using technology to create educational tools for mathematics, and we are just one such organization. We hope to make a worthy contribution, and invite you to join in our projects.



New in 2019 is PrIME: Proofscape Integrated Math Environment. Teachers can author interactive learning modules, and students can record their own notes when studying proofs. Anyone can share any repository of Proofsape modules via GitHub or BitBucket.

A fast-paced promo for the new Proofscape. (01:17)
An eight-minute introduction to the major features of the new Proofscape. (08:03)

(Classic) Proofscape

The classic Proofscape website from 2016 is still accessible at The centralized library of classic Proofscape should be compared with the new, freer sharing model of PrIME (see above).


Steve Kieffer

Steve holds a PhD in Information Technology, as well as master's degrees in Mathematics, and in Logic. He is especially interested in the subject of algebraic number theory, and wrote a thesis on its history. He enjoys teaching math, and likes to use technology to help bring the subject to life in the classroom. He plays piano for fun.

If you have any questions about RMF you can reach Steve at: